Monday, June 17, 2013

Five Month Update!

Emmy Lou Who is 5 months old and 1 day, and this Momma actually got the blog post up on time! Winning all around. :)

This month we've been working on sitting a lot as we start solid foods. She's not quite  there, but she's getting close! She'll sit on her own while she's on my lap or in the corner of the couch. She just kind of topples over if you try to sit her on the floor with nothing around though. Headfirst, right into the tootsies! Since she's not sitting that well yet, we don't give her solids at home. I let them deal with that at daycare. So far she's only eating a small amount of rice cereal every day. Once she masters the art of sitting up and keeping food in her mouth, look out sweet potatoes!

Speaking of tootsies, she found her feet this month. Can I tell you how adorable a chunky little monkey baby is once she finds her feet and holds on to them in a constant yoga pose? HOLY CRAP. I pretty much die every time she does it, and I shower her with praise and kisses. Well I do that anyway, but can you even stand how adorable those chubby little cheeks are?!

Last, but not least, she's started vocalizing much more than she used to. Before she was fully of grunts and coos, and now she's full of squeaks and shrieks. Mostly shrieks.

As for Momma Monkey, I'm currently still holding onto 5-10 lbs of baby weight. I'm willing to let it slide because I'm basically back into all of my clothes and I'm worried that any kind of exercise or dieting of any kind will cause a dip in my milk supply. I'm already supplementing with formula on occasions (usually 1-2 bottles a week) because she eats so much, so my weight isn't really a concern for me. It's all about getting the monkey all the food she needs!Unfortunately this equates to me pumping for around 5 hours a day in addition to nursing her, but seeing her grow so well makes the 3AM pumping session worth it!

I should have measurements next month from Emily's 6 month checkup, which is crazy because I can't believe my little love bug is already going to be half a year old. I'm already planning the most adorable birthday party ever, which I hope to celebrate back home in North Dakota with family and friends. Stay tuned for the next update!