Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Appleseed

Exciting news: Yesterday I crossed over from a poppy seed to an apple seed. OK, the the baby is the one that really did all the growing last week. I'm still excited, though! I'm probably going to give ridiculous little updates like this for the next 35 weeks (and ONLY 35 weeks, hopefully) thanks to The Bump, so send the angry emails there.

Speaking of updates, I really really really want to start doing bump updates. You know, take a picture of my little belly (well it's little right now, OK?), post facts about the week, things like that. It would be nice to have pictures of what I looked like and felt like every week during pregnancy. I'll probably go with using my amazing chalkboard we made for the kitchen à la Little Baby Garvin to document the week. I don't think I'll get quite as decorative as she does, since she probably has the nicest handwriting in the world, but I like the idea. I also like the questionnaire format she uses for the information on most of the posts. I noticed Anna Saccone does something similar when she updates her blog, and I really like the questions!

Now all I need to do is find a quirky fun name for the posts.. Like "Bumpdate". Or "BumpWatch"! Or.... "Bumpin' It". Maybe "This Belly is Bumpin' "?

 My hospital has a free pre-natal class this week, and I had a chance to check it out. I was pretty jazzed to go because I had all of these questions to ask. Can I exercise? How do you feel about lunchmeat? You know, things like that. They answered everything and more, and handed out these amazing binders with great information in it. It had timelines for genetic testing, general guidelines about what's safe and what isn't, and there was free food. If you're going to put 10-30 pregnant women in a room there had better be free food.

The good news is I was cleared for Yoga with modification down the road, and also for jogging as long as I don't overheat myself or raise my heartrate above 140. The nurse even encouraged me to keep working on my core, not for the potential six pack I'm creating, but because it will help with labor and also help me bounce back to my normal weight afterwards. So while I don't think I'll be attending the Les Mills CX Works anytime soon, I won't feel guilty when we do pilates in Bodyflow. Although I have to admit, I was looking forward to being lazy during core and back under the "no no, I'm pregnant" excuse. I suppose that will have to wait until the 2nd trimester.

I also met my nurse while I was checking the time and Doctor for my first appointment. I actually really liked her until she informed me that I would have to drink 32 oz. of water prior to the appointment without peeing. She told me not to worry about it if I can't make it to 32 oz, but I think the whole "don't pee" thing is probably mandatory. At least the sonogram is the first thing we do, so I can run to the bathroom after hearing the little one's heartbeat. I feel like it might ruin the moment, though.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming Soon: Our Little Hill!

On May 9th I woke up from a really weird dream. I usually have odd dreams anyhow, most of which I can't remember, but this one was different. In this dream I was taking a pregnancy test.. And it was positive. I tried to convince myself that I was just having another one of my silly dreams that wasn't true (marrying Aaron Rodgers, anyone?). How could I even know that I was pregnant? I wouldn't even be "late" for almost a week. No... This was just silly.

Well, I convinced myself for about 5 minutes and then when my husband jumped in the shower I got up and took a test I had left over from a while back. Let's be real: if you're a woman in a committed relationship with a man and you don't  have a pregnancy test lying around, you're just crazy. Just plain bananas.

I let the test sit for the recommended 3-5 minutes, and then took a peek to see what I'd be doing for the next 9 or so months plus 18 years of my life. It was a generic brand test, and I couldn't really see if it was positive or not. Makes sense, if I was pregnant I would only be 3 weeks and 3 days along. Too bad people who think they might be pregnant don't rationalize very well. So I did something you should never do. I repeat, never. I opened up the pregnancy test cartridge. Yeah yeah, so sue me. The test just looked inconclusive. Upon opening it, I thought it looked positive, but I wasn't convinced enough to tell Jesse. I decided this called for something I never in my life thought I would buy: A dollar store pregnancy test.  I wasn't going to shell out $15 for more things to pee on just yet. So the next morning, on May 10th, I took another test when I woke up.

That one was definitely positive.

At this point, all sorts of things start to flash through my head. Mostly, "I'm more excited that I thought I would be," and, "I can't wait to tell Jesse in a ridiculously cute way!" So I went to work, snatched up some craft supplies on the way home so I could tell my loving husband in that cute way, and took that extra test when I got home. Better safe than sorry! There was still another line. Yesssss!

I made a little onesie that said "I ♥ dad" and stuck it in a bag for when he got home. Unfortunately when he got home he was on the phone, and at only 3 weeks pregnant I wasn't exactly ready to shout anything from the rooftops, so I had to try and keep him from opening it until he hung up. He kept asking what it was, and I just said, "I don't know, you'll have to open it!" As soon as he opened it he got this adorable grin and he said, "I thought that's what it was." So I guess we both knew I was pregnant. I don't believe it, I think he figured it out halfway through opening the gift, but I'll let him have that one.

The next day I called my OBGYN to inquire about coming in for a blood test. Apparently nowadays they just go by what your little stick says, so I made the decision to switch to the hospital closest to our house (same clinic) and made the first prenatal appointment with them. On June 11th, at 8 weeks, I'll be going in for my first appointment and ultrasound for Our Little Hill! Until then I'll keep myself busy by trying not to decorate the nursery and mourning the loss of my beloved sewing room. Also, trying not to pin a bunch of baby stuff and tip everyone off before I want to tell them. That in itself seems like it will keep me busy for the next 4 weeks.