Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big news in our house!

No no no, I'm not pregnant. But if you haven't already heard, we're moving! That's right, we're moving. We decided to build a new house closer in to town and sell our beloved first home. The traffic is just getting way too bad out where we live. Actually, it might have always been bad and I just didn't notice it before I wanted to spend every waking minute with our little family.

We decided to move closer and buy a bigger house at the end of March, but we just couldn't find a place. That sounds odd, but houses are flying off the market here. It seemed like every open house we went to was already pending, and we couldn't even look at houses unless they were pre-market. In the area we wanted to be in we would end up spending $200K or more on a house that needed massive updating, and we'd have to put in an offer before the house was even listed. We decided that wasn't what we wanted to do, and ended up taking our realtor with us to a new development that was close to where I work and ended up picking a lot and building.

The next big step was selling our house. I'm going to be honest, we bought our house for $125K in 2009 and I thought we might get $132K out of it best case scenario. Apparently the housing boom has crept its way out to where we live, because we listed on a Friday afternoon, had seven showings through Monday night, and five offers all for over what we asked. So we signed a contract to build a new house and sold our house all in less than a month. It just so happened that this happened to fall right between my month three and four postings about Emily, so that's why I'm so late on those! I'll post them right after this, but I wanted to justify myself.. haha

In other news, since we're buying a new house, Emily gets a whole new nursery! One of the constant feedback points we got about our house was that everyone loved the nursery. Seriously, people would write nothing else anywhere and then finish up with "I love the kids room!" It's a pretty proud moment for me, because I worked really hard on pulling that room together. I've already got a new pinterest board up and running with a ton of turquoise and pink ideas for my little chunky monkey, so expect a post about that soon. :)

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